Buy A Smartphone For Your Teenager This Christmas

Teenagers and cell phones are like birds of a feather living together. They are always texting and must pay $100 in call fees in order to stay in touch with their families. However, with the latest generation of Smartphones entering the mainstream this year, many teens will be requesting a new Smartphone for Christmas over and over again. It can be difficult to decide which option is better for your child as a mom.

Why Would You Like To Purchase A Smartphone?
Smartphones are more than just cell phones. You have unlimited access to the internet, which makes emailing a breeze. People can create and watch videos on websites such as YouTube. You also have a built-in music player, so you can listen to your favourite albums whenever you want. The top-of-the-line versions are indeed fantastic game machines. They are, as you can see, much more than just a phone.

To Purchase The Best Smartphone
Apple’s iPhone
The iPhone is the market leader because it was the first mobile device to truly demonstrate a mobile’s multimedia capabilities. In terms of ease of use and number of applications, the new iPhone 4 has lifted the bar. Some vendors have been reluctant to react to this, but now there are several machines on the market that could dethrone the iPhone.

The Torch of the Blackberry
The Blackberry Torch has a rather attractive design. It has a whole new operating system with a slew of new features. It is the strongest as a working business and educational computer, with many applications built for fast usability when on the go. This is also the first sexy, cool-looking Blackberry that an adolescent would think of keeping in their pocket.
HTC’s EVO 4G is a smartphone with a 4G network.

Android is the most often used hardware for other vendors. It’s a device interface that looks a lot like the iPhone, but it runs in a different way behind the scenes. At the moment, the HTC EVO 4G is potentially the finest Android handheld. It has an 8 megapixel camera with high resolution and can record HD video clips. With the front-facing display, it can also be used as a true video phone. This model, I believe, would give the iPhone a run for its money in the holiday sales.

It’s up to you to decide which smartphone you’ll need.
The majority of teens would like using both of these machines, but the decision will largely be based on appearance and design. You can expect to pay between $600 and $900 for one of these smartphones if you don’t have access to the internet. With a connection, Which I highly suggest, you will pay a small down payment and then a monthly connection charge. For example, when I first signed up, I paid $65 and now pay $35 monthly. This allows me to send and receive as much text and data as I want. The situation in your country could be different, so consult with the various suppliers.

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