Cell Phone Etiquette: Are You a Cell Phone Sinner? Mobile Mistakes Could Wreck Your Career

Despite their comfort and need, mobile telephones are now another form of frustrating our mate. Theatres, hotels, trains and even public toilets are no longer safe to call in advance. I even heard someone speaking to a mobile phone in a toilet stall two weeks ago. I realised then that I had found it, if there was ever a justification.

Somehow, possession of mobile phones appears to have an effect on common sense. More seriously, bad cell phone labels can wreck a career. Do you commit any of the sins below?

Sin 1: Cutesy or irritating ringsThe cha-cha, your love’s voice, the new pop song. I don’t want to listen to either of them, and everybody else. Please have compassion on the public when you pick a phone ring. Your new Romeo saying, “Ooh, sweetheart, sweetheart,” might make your friends funny. Believe it or not, a friend of mine really did. She attended a business conference and failed to turn her wrestler off. Her bag began to speak in the middle of the conference. She had a wonderful ring that was his voice recording telling her how gorgeous she was. He didn’t use his name, luckily, but she pretended, like everyone else, she did not know the source of a mysterious voice.

Sin 2: Court of Appeal
“We just got off the aircraft, and I’m waiting for that.” Each time I take a flight, I must hear it from at least 4 or 5 people. Amid all the following benign facts, what the rude mobile phone users are not saying is, “Next to myself there is a short, murderous woman. I may say it’s ready to beat me pointless because she’s talking loudly on my phone about nothing. “Please, people: If the rest of us have no place to go, wonder if you still need the chat.

Sin 3: We will listen to you
For whatever excuse, while they are on a mobile phone, many people speak at high volume. Responsive microphones. You can hear the person you call. We do not need to. We do not need to. Enough said. He said enough.

SIN 4: Your help ruins my talk
In the past few months, I’ve seen signs that say something like this in fast foods restaurants and shops: “When you’re done with your phone call, we will gladly help you!” It shocks me not. It surprises me not. I’ve seen people speak on telephones several times (see Sin 2) and not even talk to or accept the workers they need. Simple courtesy will take you on a long journey.

Sin 5: Call in a meeting
As the ancient saying goes, it doesn’t just mean anything can be achieved. If you call it yourself or just attend the order, invitation or command of somebody, it is not time to call a scheduled meeting. The rings are intrusive; it is a worse etiquette violation to answer them. The message they receive is that they are less important than the reincarnated voice that passes through the cells. If you don’t want anyone to feel insignificant (definitely not a cool move if you are expecting your boss from the phone), don’t reply, turn it away and turn it off.

SIN 6: Do you talk to me?
The double-edged sword of ease and wrong identification came with the advent of hand-free mobile phones. Who wasn’t snapped by another person trawling on Wal-aisles Mart’s while actively involved in what seemed to be a lively conversation with him or herself at first inspection? After we give this person a broad berth, who has a simple psychotic episode, a streamlined headset attached to a skull, but well concealed below a hat. Leaves the headphones in the car at the risk of error for an airline or a pop star who has left work.

Within 7: Too many details.
Talking about something of a private nature that might be heard by those in earshot is unwise in a variety of areas. Think about it: do you want your colleague to know what your doctor’s office just called to share the results of your most recent workshop tests with you? Or see your “dark side” when your contractor is calling for you to tell you that his job takes two months and $2,000 longer than it originally stated? Or have you been booked by your travel agent on the Nassau cruise for the same week you asked to have off for the operation you so urgently needed? If you don’t want to raise a tonne of questions or eyebrows, you can make calls from people whose privacy is possibly awkward, offended, or criticised.

On a very serious note, you might be costly if too much information is obtained over a telephone when others are here. A friend told me recently that he was standing behind a woman talking to a repairman in her cells who came home to do some work when she didn’t go. By the end of the call, my friend was told about the name, address, neighbourhood, and the location of the spare key left by the cleaning agent to get into his home. He could have come to the woman’s place before the repairman and he could have cleaned out, if he had been so inclined.

Go out, and don’t sin again. These tips could save you credence, picture, work, and even your life.

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