Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google Pixel 6 Review, First Impression

Google Pixel 6 Pro, Google Pixel 6 Review, First Impression

It is Pixel day. We have the brand new pixels. Let’s go ahead and jump in and see what these new pixels are all about. The exciting part here is I’m probably gonna switch to this phone.

I’m just gonna say it. I’ve been a pixel person. Pixel peeper. Pixel I just before they were pixels with the Nexus and stuff I always want to see what Google is up to on the stock hardware.

The vanilla Android experience is the latest one, so I’m going to pop a SIM in. Oh, I should also mention later case stuff. Just arrived later. Case stuff. Super thin cases for these pixels. The inside out Pixel Six is the first all Google phone, the first all Google phone interesting. So I’m saying this is Google the true way Google intended. Does that mean I don’t know the main event?

First Impression

Remember pop-up books, Pixel 6 Pro, the pixel camera system includes a pro-level telephoto lens. Smooth display intelligently adjusts up to 120 Hertz, and with the Google tensor processor, it’s the smartest, fastest pixel yet. It looks like I have a case. And a six-pro cloudy white. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of cloudy white before. Nothing else in this box, right. 6.7-inch display, 128GB of storage, and no knife necessary in order to open it up.

We have these two tiny little pools, one and two. Oh, that is cloudy. White is the way I would describe this. That’s very accurate. I like it so glass and polished and kind of a premium feel to it straight away. The very slender band around the outside where you grab a very distinctive look. We’ve seen so many different. Camera bulges in the past. This is the first camera visor. It’s looking like Cyclops is looking like Daft Punk.

Google Pixel 6 Pro

In the Box

Also in the package. Google Type C cable, no power brick. That’s just the way the world is right now. They do give you an adapter, though. USB C to a little bit of paperwork, and of course a SIM tool like a tiny little circle that is Google’s tiny little SIM tool.


The device is 6.7 inches. It’s not enormous, I guess. In my hand, obviously, there are some even bigger phones out there. There will be a smaller version as well for people that may prefer, although this is going to be your flagship of the flagships, the camera setup here 1/2 look at that Periscope style lens zoom capable course. Your flash is over there as well. I’m going to peel.

Build Materials

The front-facing camera is in the center area. Here symmetrical. This is interesting along the top, another polished section, but it is almost well. White, and it kind of has. Is it just paint, or is it a different material? It feels kind of like when they said, oh, we have a ceramic phone. I don’t know that that’s what it’s made out of. But anyway, you have a white segment inside of the band, presumably for communications and radios and such.

In the Box


Your SIM tray is going to go in this location here, volume up and down, and your power switch. Oh yeah. And then on the bottom USB type C port for charging looks like your speakers are there as well. My main feedback is immediately here. Is that Google is definitely gone up architect.

They really want your iPhone money. That’s what’s happening over here. Keep in mind this is a preliminary unboxing, so it’s like no comparisons and such. I’m gonna go ahead and set it up real quick.

Alright, so here is the case. This is a pretty standard thing other than adapting to this very unusual cut-out visor style cut-out, but otherwise, this is a typical ClearCase.


Google logo is still there. I don’t know what is getting ready. It still says it will take. A few minutes. I don’t know if the software is final because the documentation says no analysis or evaluation of the software. I’m going to show you the home screen, obviously, but there are limitations leading up to the final embargo, and we may very well see software updates along that ride. Display, Yeah, Thomas, and the topic display. Yeah, I’m only supposed to show you the home screen at this point. This is what the home screen looks like.


Of course, the spec sheet is publicly available as well, so you know exactly what’s going on with that, but. I guess I think this app drawer counts as the home screen. I’m allowed to show you that right now too. I’ve pumped guys’ look; it’s not that many pixel phones which were waiting. It’s a new Pixel flagship proper flagship thing because they’ve been playing around with their devices’ marketing and target audience. Is it budget-minded? Are they going to do a premium device? Are they going to do both? And in this case, I’m really getting that flagship feeling holding onto it.