How to Make Your Business or Organization More Mobile

In 2015, to be fully mobile is far less than a responsive web design that enables users to access their computers using their smartphones and tablets. The base on which you have to develop your mobile marketing strategy is a responsive mobile website that can include anything from mobile applications to social media mobile ads to individual and unique mobile content and offers. Mobile is not easy this year, but 91 percent of smartphone owners have their computer up to 24 hours a day, seven hours a week, so you literally cannot afford to not be mobile if you have an online presence, whether you are an enterprise or an organisation. You can’t. You can’t be just.

With mobile adoption worldwide continuing to expand, the company or organisation can do many things to be more mobile, available and at the same time more attractive for mobile users. Here are some suggestions for pushing you more and putting your rivals ahead.

Be available for your customers 24 hours a day

It is now easier than ever for customers to access you via mobile technology – only a few taps away are your website, your contact form and your social profiles. This creates a situation in which after closing hours, you can receive several e-mails, notifications, concerns, customer service requests, calls and orders. You can obviously forget them until the next day, but becoming a fully mobile company means that you can deal with them as quickly as possible. Using them – it will distinguish you from your rivals – if you have the tools needed in your customer reviews even after regular business hours.

Using new customer practises
The way we look for places to eat or to hang out, and how we take pictures and even how we communicate with our mates on social networks, have changed with mobile devices. Just think about how many of us look for ad hoc restaurants or bars based on the present venue, how we often take selfies and how much we check out and respond to our Facebook or Twitter push notifications.

All these emerging practises give advertisers new opportunities. The organisation of photo competitions encourages consumers to take a selfie when using your product, social media quizzes with prizes, Google Maps and people who would never be in your shop will make sure they’re exploring it and becoming customers. Finding out what the prevailing consumer preferences are and adapting the business strategies accordingly is important.

Provide a single application experience
Brands are on the rise across the mobile market to combine multiple applications with different purposes into a single full-featured application which offers a unified app experience that saves clients the trouble of downloading and using multiple applications from the same brand. In addition, more and more brands are trying to ensure they do not lack any features or have technical problems in their applications on various platforms. iOS’s apps have traditionally been better designed to provide more functionality and better overall results, but today the features and performance of Android apps are upgraded. Do consider combining them together if your company has more than one mobile app. For consumers, the smoother the app experience, the better.

Take Wearable Technology into your account
Smartwatches and other handles, including fitness trackers, are one of the newest technology. Major brands, including the recently released Apple Watch and the fitness tracker Microsoft Band, reveal innovative new products this year. Many smartwatches have Wi-Fi or other interfaces and can conveniently connect to smartphones or tablets for easy call and texting. In other words, advertisers can target mobile consumers not only via smartphones and tablets, but also via smartwatches. While the smartwatch platform is not yet 100% ready for marketers, you can still ensure that you can meet smart-watch users via the development of smartwatch apps, the implementation of an intelligent web portal, push alerts and tap on connected devices such as smartphones.

The Lower Line
For mobility to develop, it takes research, preparation and often time and money investments. This is not simple. It is not convenient. However, if you can provide your smartphone users with a wonderful experience, you can tap into an exciting market packed with possibilities and potential customers. All right, it’s time you got ‘mobilised’ for yourself.

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