How to Use Mobile Wallet for Social Media Marketing

It is no wonder that social media has grown into one’s own strong marketing strategy. All of them have their presence at various social media sites, from foreign companies to local enterprises. The viral aspect of social media ensures that content promotion and information is the fastest way to promote it. With over 4.2 billion people using social media on mobile devices, organisations need to encourage useful and diligent content selection. 2014 is mobile wallet year, a robust and sophisticated Direct Marketing Platform that enhances customer loyalty, helps companies generate new business leads and traffic.

What is the Wallet for Mobile?
It is an application where you can store, organise and access payment and non-payment wallet content on smartphones. Customers place their cards and coupons in their mobile wallet and the remainder of the equation is solved using the technology. When customers enter shops, the related information appears automatically on the lock screen of their phone and provides one-Swipe access to the mobile pass concerned. This offers a high degree of customer value and comfort and helps boost company traffic in-store. In other words, a mobile wallet enables personal connections with consumers to help companies strengthen their brand presence.

The new channel of direct marketing
Companies are in increasing demand for wallet solutions that help customers organise their smartphones better and access content. Studies have shown that 94% of loyalty programme, if they could sign up instantaneously, want communication from services they participate in. Clearly the market for wallet solutions for smartphones is strong.

And in the marketing sector the mobile wallet is a game changer. Companies can build and produce individual and exclusive content based on customer desire and expenditure behaviour. Shoppers who buy such chocolates regularly, for example, might also be told that they have discounts or even deal with similar items on the brand. In order to create custom messages – messages that are more meaningful, effective, and lead to genuine and observable actions – even knowledge gained from social profiling can be used.

The problem in conventional marketing is to calculate the effectiveness of a campaign. With mobile wallet companies have access to broad data such as number of wallet content, number of transactions and far more in-depth analysis applied to smartphones. These are useful information that can assist companies in advancing their marketing game plans.
In addition, the content of the wallet is dynamic. Traditional cups in leather wallets are static and are discarded only once. Also, after the redeeming of mobile wallet coupons, companies may update them to display future deals and new offers are notified to consumers instantly. This dynamism and versatility provides companies with an array of options within a single plan to use innovative marketing tactics.

Mobile wallet and the marketing of social media
To capitalise on the viral characteristics of social media, companies must produce content that not only captures attention, but also encourages them to share it with their social networks. Word of mouth is powerful than you can imagine, which is why it is incredibly successful to combine mobile wallet with social networking, which enhances the brand’s exposure. Significant – pacing, appropriate communications and the right audience are all included.

The delivery is instantaneous once the businesses have produced the wallet material. Corporations can post on their social media pages their pass links or scan codes, where customises can add mobile wallet content immediately to their devices. Or use a Facebook pass to generate a personalised pass automatically and connect it to your cellular wallet straight away. Customers will then share this across their social networks that can trigger exponential and explosive exposure in today’s world.

Mobile is the place in which companies have to gain authority, especially because mobile shopping and mobile payments are increasingly dependent. In the next 5 years, 50% of smartphone users are expected to pay on their mobile devices. Start 2014 with mobile wallet use and add it to your social media marketing strategies as value-added content.

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