iPhone App Development – How Long Should It Take to Build an App?

Many businesses are also a little shocked at the time it takes to create an app from the beginning to the end. While apps run on cell phones and usually don’t take up a lot of memory, they do need a lot of time to prepare, design, create and launch. Most applications usually take at least two to three months to build from start to finish, but seldom do they take too long to develop as a complete software program or website.

Typical Timeline Architecture & Planning iPhone App Development – 2.5 to 3 weeks: Both facets of the software are designed during this phase of the project. What additional tools are required beyond a clear idea of what the software wants to do and how it needs to look? Would the app have to bind to an external database? Content push or pull? The whole app is mapped from beginning to end. More of the design phase content and features will be mapped to make the remainder of the implementation process even easier. We predict that this process can take between 2.5 and 3 weeks, but the bigger and more complex the app is, the more time it takes obviously.

You should have a mapped app architecture at the end of this process, a ╠łen app map if you like, and wireframes for the app. The phase of design – 3 weeks: The design process consists of Comps, which show how the app looks. Colour schemes are introduced, photographs are added and text in use at the beginning of this process is usually used and replaced either at the end of this phase or during the implementation by the material. We partner with our customers to recognize and bring their branding message via the app. During the design phase, you must take note that the development of the app will slow down by so many people involved in the design process, particularly when you start design by committee. This process should take about three weeks, but as I said, it can be slowed down if customers do not get timely reviews.

You should have complete design comps at the end of the design process, which is created during the next phase.

Development phase – 4-8 weeks: This section of the process will pass the designs to developers to correctly code the program. The different parts are connected together, including navigation, user interface, inclusion in the database, online servers, and e-commerce sites. All features are used in the app, all coding is done and pages are correctly linked. Development time can vary considerably depending on the app’s complexity. You should have the first update of the completely functioning app at the end of the development process.

The phase of testing – 1-1.5 weeks: One of the most critical aspects of the project is the research process. Any customers want to reduce or remove the testing process to save time, but we highly discourage it. The testing process ensures the app is well functioning, all databases are linked, the app does not have disconnected ties and everything runs as planned. If an app is passed forward and doesn’t function, it is captured and dismissed by Apple. Worse still, when the product sneaks into the acceptance process of Apple and does not perform, a few negative reviews will really harm the App Store’s chance of success. During the process, we test on every smartphone, including the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 3Gs, and iPhone 4, that the app runs through simulators and like devices.

All should be assured at the conclusion of the review period that the application performs as intended and has the best probability of success in approving Apple.

Deployment phase – 6-14 Days: This is when the application is submitted and approved by Apple. While approval times have vastly improved since the first launch of the App Store, we usually say that our clients expect their app to be accepted anywhere from 6 to 14 days. You can try to speed up your acceptance, but with only 500 applications sent every day, we hardly see that happening.

You should have a completely running app ready to download from iTunes. At the conclusion of this process.

Planning is key to success this is what we see with the normal growth of the software. One should expect an iPhone application to be developed approximately 2.5 to 3 months from the beginning. Such applications may take more time, while others may be moved a little faster. We were able to finish an app in less than a month, but there was a lot of design finished and excellent coordination between us and the customer.

Maintaining open collaboration between project management and the developer allows them to keep track of production timelines and, in most situations, launch apps on time or early.

Jon Stroz is the Vice President of Marketing for Accella, an online and smartphone device design and production company headquartered in Baltimore. Accella develops, constructs, and implements websites and smartphone apps depending on the needs of our customers. If it is the concept from scratch or the migration to an existing Website/application, our committed project management, and production staff collaborate with our customers to ensure the timeliness, budget, and reach of their proposals and dreams.

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