Mobile Websites – Discover the 7th Mass Media Before Your Competition

This brief article aims to investigate the massive rise in mobile internet penetration and why any small or big company actually needs a mobile website.

The situation nowadays is that there are more handheld internet devices than PCs. 29% of people only use their mobiles to access the Internet. If your clients cannot adequately view your website on their mobile devices, then they just click on one mobile optimized client website.

The 7th Mass Media is Mobile
Industry analyst Tony Ahonen coined the word “7th mass media”
The very earliest mass media were books from the 19th century.Registration took place in the late 1900sCinema took the stars of Charlie Chaplin into 1910 as the third mass mediaTen years later, the Radio advertisement came in the 1920sIt wasn’t for another forty years now that the next mass media that affected worldwide – the Internet – came later within a century and Google joined us in the 1990’s.The mobile phone was the 7th mass media in 2000. And what a trend we saw from the previous chucky phones that looked like bricks to our smart smartphones today.For your company, what does that all mean?
It removes all the previous 6 mainstream media, the value of the smartphone.

We can listen to music on our cell phones, records,Tv, on our cell phones you can listen to the radio and you can cast it too.We will now have TV on our cell phones on smart phone, newscasts and magazines. And in fact we are seeing the first on-demand film streaming service and, of course, something we can do on the web on their smartphone.And in Japan, the mobile book market is worth half a billion dollars a year. If you believe those items can never be translated into the mobile phone: books, well we already see them migrate into Kindle’s favourite areas, and8 unique abilities for mobile phones
It is the first fully personal medium, meaning 63% of us would not even share our cell phones with our wife.Almost all of us have our cell devices. In reality, 60% of the people take it to bed.There’s still a mobile!!It has an embedded system for payment. Any TV channels actually generate the bulk of mobile payment revenuesA smart phone is still available and we can produce content at all times with its built-in microphone, camera and video. Wherever we are, it gives us massive creativity.Mobile has the most precise viewer information by far. The truth is that 90% of the smartphone audienceMobile captures the global sense of media use. How many of us have a coffee with friends on applications located in those locations, or tweet a greetingMobile phones allow increased reality that you are thinking of in the Arnie terminator movie by means of visual overlay.Do not be fooled by the thought that mobile telephoning is small and restricted, many mobile phones today are using the Qwerty Keyboard, video cameras, microphones, bar code reader, game-playing motion sensors and GPS, which can even replace the sat navigation we have in our vehicles.

What’s the meaning of it all?
In 2002 the Americans declared cell phones as the most important technology they use as the least important of the four major techniques, internet, television and landline telephones.
Only five years later they said the number one gadget they couldn’t do without was their cell phone in 2007.

Statistical information
29% of all Internet access comes via mobile only, compared with only 18% from the PC. The browsing uses all 53% of the users. This means 82% of everyone is searching by mobile devices. This is a fantastic statistics, and you will be left behind unless your company is built with a smartphone optimised website.

The amount of quest locally “widened at an incredible pace 50 percent annually. In 2009 the number of local searches ranged from 1 billion to an estimated 3,45 billion in 2012.
And when buying online, 80 per cent of people study online before they buy.
The number one way of finding local information is 20.7 million searches a month for mobile browsers.

Why the company has to use a smartphone website
Current figures suggest… that there are about 124 billion Internet pages nowadays and just around 10 million smartphone sites…10 million = 0,008 percent of overall Internet sites. It is like Citrus Park, which has a smartphone website in Florida with 25,000 inhabitants and one is in the USA.

You would certainly approve, I’m sure They know where Goggle is, yeah, a world leader.

Google is mobile, that’s what it thinks. Google CEO Eric Schmidt reported in February 2010 at the Mobile World Convention… Whose Google adopts a strategy of “mobile first”

Finishing line
Right now, the businesses that take the imitative and acquire a smartphone website have a great chance. If consumers seek you through the local search, via the organic search, through the paid listings scanning, for example PPC ads or via various video platforms like YouTube, does not matter.

You cannot access a regular website adequately on a mobile screen, so you need to be mobilised to ensure a good environment with your clients. The truth is, the early adopters of mobile web sites would have an enormous advantage, especially for small, local companies.
Note what CEO Eric Schmidt of Google said, “The first mobile”

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