Some Rare Special Limited Edition Smartphones

Some Rare Special Limited Edition Smartphones – From $620 to $122000 in 2021

I’m still in disbelief that this is true, so we’ve rounded up seven of the most coveted limited edition smartphones, priced between $620 and $122,000. In this post, we’ll talk about those phones. Let us start with the least expensive.

1. Oppo Ace 2 Special Edition – $620

It’s a little perplexing to me; how is this $620? That’s the same price as the regular Oppo ace 2 and nothing comes in a digital box quite like this. This one is promoted as a good wine, despite the abundance of warning flags surrounding it. This is how you operate.

This is how a limited edition becomes a focal point. Could this be a solid piece of plastic, which would explain why this limited edition is based on Japanese anime? It’s named Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is roughly how I’m going to phrase this. Pilots, who infiltrate robots in order to control them?

Oppo Ace 2 Special Edition

Although it sounded nicer in my head, the point is that this capsule is the one into which the pilots place specific cells to equip the machines. As a result, you open it from the top. There is only one compartment here. We’ve added the fan to the top, and wow, you’ve created a truly unique case. Not for me, but I understand their point of view.

For example, if you’re going to buy a phone like this, you want something that stands out, and it would be a shame to have to conceal that distinction with a standard case. We have a pair of bespoke earbuds. 65 watts custom, I think this is a fantastic VOOC charging cable.

This is a fairly informal custom. It’s a standard black cable with grey and red highlights. I’m a fan of this, including the unique picture editor tools. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m confident it’s significant. It’s busy; there are intricacies and a variety of colours and accents throughout. This is not for me, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It would be quite simple for opera to simply take a standard version of this phone and slap the evangelise logo on it.

However, they have not done so. Take a look at the home screen. Although the home screen isn’t especially attractive, all of this only adds to the perplexity surrounding the phone’s price. As an example of why it’s a good phone. It features a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 865 processor, a 90 Hertz OLED display, and they. Put in all this effort for only 10,000 units, which may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that when a company the size of APO produces phones, they intend to sell them 100 times over.

2. Oppo Find X2 Special Edition – $800

In any case, it is not limited to that one. This entire concept of affordable limited edition phones appears to be part of a post-recession strategy, since then you’ve got this. They are considerably more uncommon. Find a collector’s edition of X2 League of Legends. Only 3000 units were manufactured only for China. Is it $800? Price is identical to their standard find X2.

Perhaps I should not have dimmed prior to this. That is, without a doubt, the best smartphone box I have ever seen. Consider this: wow. Oh wait, APU is the reigning kings in my limited edition book. What is occurring? Boo. Oh, I’m finished with the monarchs; this is incredible. This is incredible. I’m blown away by this phone. I like it a lot, but not a lot, so I’m a fan of the gold accents. In the teaser shots, the gold camera obscured the fact that I’m a fan.

Oppo Find X2 Special Edition Special Edition

It looked to be truly magical and mystical. It has a 3D bit but is actually quite flat. That makes it sound unfavorable. It’s not a major issue; rather, it’s a little one. This is incredible. OK, I’ve got a small card here that reads one of 3000 and is almost holographic in appearance. I love these one-of-a-kind scimitars. That is a lot of fun. It also includes a second ultra-fast 65 Watt charger. Earphones made to order. Once again, I am being spoilt.

They have a pearlescent finish. God disconnect the cable. That is quite nice. This is a braided USB C cable that has an almost metallic appearance. That is correct. And that is a nice case. Are you aware? This almost completely resolves the one issue I had with my back? You recall how I stated that the design appeared to be a little flat. This type of advertisement conveys that profundity? It’s not as if you have a window through which to peer into your phone’s glowing aura.

Or perhaps I’m overthinking things. I’m still in awe, and the whole thing makes you question why upper bothered. However, surely everything here, from the paint job to the accessories to the ridiculous packaging to the software scan on this phone, was designed just for the sake of 3000 copies? All of which will be available at the same price as a standard phone.

Because this is not generating revenue, I’m assuming its purpose is to act as an organic advertisement. They understand that if they create something ridiculous, they will garner further media attention, which may draw people’s attention away from other phones already on the market.

3. Xiaomi 10T Pro – $800

The following ones. Indeed, from Xiaomi. This is an odd one because you cannot buy it as far as I can tell. Thus, Xiaomi introduced its meat 10T phones a few months ago, which is a celebratory bundle to show off. Their most advanced version is called 10T Pro.

Xiaomi 10T Pro

Thus, this is the phone, and in some ways, it represents the pinnacle of what money can buy. It features a 144 Hertz refresh rate and a 108-megapixel camera, as well as a 5000 million mAh battery. However, it is rather moderate in other ways, such as the LCD display. Not exclusively, but a case. That, I think, is the first thing—sort nice, hyper-textured carbon fiber.

We occasionally acquired a large wallet. As if it were a complete compartment and everything. It’s similar to a luggage tag; however, there are two additional bags. I think I’m going to refer to them as a small pouch and a large pouch. Very, very nice. Set of high-quality accessories. They have nothing to do with the phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 plus BTS Edition – $1200

All right now, just a little something. This is smaller. Samsung shopped for a limited-edition Galaxy S20 plus model, the BTS Galaxy S20 plus. On its own, the phone. The cost of this small box alone is $1200. That is more expensive than any previous limited edition, but it comes in two halves, and the total price is $1400. And for those unfamiliar with BTS, this is akin to a dream collaboration with a phone company.

There is a Korean pop group with possibly the world’s most loyal fan base as soon as this Samsung was announced. They smashed every prior record for engagement levels. Their Twitter was already off the charts. The box has a very standard appearance. You’re wearing a special edition sleeve with seven hearts. That, I think, represents the group’s seven distinct members Remove it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 plus BTS Edition

OK To be fair, they’ve put some effort here. This is how a standard Galaxy S20 box may appear in that case. In comparison, we have embossed purple writing. We’ve got a BTS logo, and the design on the front conceals small little hearts. Let us take a chance. A conventional power strip, a standard cable, and a standard pair of AKG headphones are included. To be sure, this isn’t as inspired as the other roles, but I’m betting a significant part of their cash was probably spent just bringing BTS on board.

Additionally, there is a top compartment. Ah. This is where you can obtain some unique items. My goodness. So, you’ve got a set of psychedelic-themed stickers here. I think it contains the names of all of the band’s members and photos of each of them—additionally, this phone. Almost everything about this is appealing to me. Except for the pink heart in the camera, this is quite well done, and let’s have a quick look at the user interface.

That I have not discovered to be true. If you’re going to make a custom edition, I believe the bare minimum you need do is make that the icons on the home screen are all themed, and the second part of it is Galaxy buds. Actually, these are Galaxy buds plus, and as far as I’m aware, this is a special box. Again, there are several BTS details. That is exactly as you would anticipate them to be—only their purple gleaming, BTS-style Galaxy buds.

The strange thing is that the colour of that does not appear to match the phone or the second box. It’s all right, you get a case. In this instance. There is one other thing. I have a strange hunch that’s what it is. It’s more photos of these guys’ faces, but no, on a serious note, I could understand someone being rather pleased with this.

People adore BTS, as evidenced by the time Samsung posted a photo of one of the group’s members clutching their phones. Consider the engagement figures, correct script?

5. OPPO find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition $2000

Until now, the frenzied teams have focused on attempting to offer something comparable to a standard phone at a comparable price, but simply doing something special gives people something to talk about. However, this is the point at which we start to incur expensive costs. This is still an OPPO, as were the first two phones, but instead of being a find X to the find X2 Pro, it is a collaboration with Lamborghini.

That is when you are not taking yourself seriously. And, while I couldn’t find a precise number of units made, I remember seeing a headline stating that there were only 35 phones available when it launched in Germany. This is quite tidy in appearance. This has a really high-end feel about it. Like be sure, it opens similarly to a Lamborghini.

OPPO find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition

This is similar to scissor doors, as I think they are called. They own only genuine automobiles. That, indeed, is my type of scenario. That is so nice; it’s almost two-tone. It has a texture. It’s Matt, the big fan with all these accessories. Thus, you have a car charger that is partially made of carbon fibre and plated in gold. It’s such a refined finish.

This is a pair of wireless earphones, which are somewhat uncommon in a smartphone box. Because this is typically how businesses convince you to spend somewhat more than you intended. Additionally, carbon fibre and gold are used. To be honest, this speaks to me.

This is a nice cable. I haven’t even seen the phone yet, but I’m a fan of this appearance, which is completed by another 65 Watt charger. This is most likely my favourite thus far. I appreciate how simple they’ve kept things. They are not crazy.

6. Apple 12 Pro Apple 1 Edition – $9990

It’s time to move from extremely costly to extremely expensive because the little fence included within this package is worth no less than $9990. I showed a drawing of it about a month ago and haven’t looked at it since, so I’ve pretty well forgotten how it looked. However, this is unique. The caviar company makes it.

They essentially construct the most ridiculous custom smartphones, and for perspective, this is based on Apple’s initial product, the Apple one computer. When the company was really just a few individuals working out of a garage, the Apple one is like the Holy Grail for Apple enthusiasts. At wow, Fleming. That is great, however. Thus, we have a certificate of authenticity beneath.

Apple 12 Pro Apple 1 Edition

We offer an international warranty and a pamphlet describing the Apple Bond collection. If pods, which I guess you wouldn’t get with a standard iPhone via any connection, and, well, this is one of caviar’s specialized SIM adapter gadgets. It is shaped like a fish due to the fact that caviar is made from fish eggs. This thing is insane. See, I adore it. Thus, this is a 128 GB iPhone 12 Pro at school, although it is extremely customized.

The back is basically non-valuable, but they’re attempting to create something that resembles the original computer in keeping with the theme. There is a lot going on here, such as the logo in the top right. That is the same logo as the one engraved into Apple’s first computers. It’s incredible to think that this company, which is now so sophisticated and refined, was just 40 years ago scribbling the word apple on it. This is a monitor of the type that you would plug an apple computer into, and it is for this furnace, which is actually made of titanium, and then at the bottom.

This is the service you are paying for. This is a genuine Apple computer fragment. Then I’m guessing that the scarcity of that component is why they only made nine of these phones. This is actually the first, but the details is flawless. This is quite cool.

7. Caviar iPhone 12 pro Gold Diamond Edition – $122,000

Finally, this is the most costly phone I’ve ever assisted. Indeed, disregard the fact that this is the most costly thing that has ever been in this room. It’s probably more worth than I am. We’re talking about $122,000 here. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that figure. If you believe that the Apple One phone at $10,000 is excessive, then how do you feel about all of this? This tier is comparable to the Ultimate God tier.

You could purchase 122 iPhone 12 Pro models and 244 PlayStation Five models. Alternatively, you may already be familiar with a six-bedroom house in Albania. Let us proceed. I’m at a loss for words; this is just. That is, it has a light shining down on it. That is absurd; I believe it will be much the same as before, with an international guarantee and some type of certificate of ownership. It reads caviar iPhone 12 pro, and they’re calling this victory Pure Gold, which I guess gives a bit as to what’s inside. Thus, we obtained a standard Apple charger. We’ve recovered our air pods. I mean, apples would have been lovely, and the cable would have been the same—simultaneous simacek tool.

Caviar iPhone 12 pro Gold Diamond Edition

So, I’ve loaded the product page up here. The entire thing is made of 18-carat gold. It’s quite heavy. Oh my God, it’s as if you’ve stumbled upon a gold ingot. It’s probably at least 1 1/2 pounds. Perhaps two phones. That would account for the price, assuming you’ve seen diamonds. You may be aware that diamonds with flaws are graded on a scale. Then diamonds would have slight flaws, then diamonds with very slight flaws, and finally, the highest two grades of diamonds would have very, very slight flaws, and the flooring and diamonds placed on this would have very, very slight flaws.

However, the kicker is this. There are 55 of them. How do you proceed from here? Even if you could afford it, it is difficult to envision someone purchasing this phone and using it. Today, there is simply so much value to be had in your pocket. However, it is quite lovely. You simply do not see this type of stuff every day. If you’re wondering what it is, I don’t believe it is based on anything specific, although I believe it is heavily influenced by French Baroque design.

Although my PF playing this phone resembles my old drapes, the baroque is not broken. I can’t really Unsee it now, and I just noticed that there is practically microscopic detail here if you look closely enough. Everything from the flowers to the side rails. It almost looks as if it was done with a laser. It’s going to reintroduce this and cautiously. That is pretty it.